For most people, being interviewed is not fun. There’s the pressure of giving a good first impression, performance anxiety along with the uncomfortable feeling of being observed and judged.

Employees don’t necessarily enjoy running interviews either. It’s outside the comfort zone of many, it drives away from scheduled work and they may not even know what to look for in a candidate.

There isn’t a simple magic recipe for conducting interviews. But if I had to pick a guiding principle, it would be that the experience be inspiring for both parties. …

It’s no secret that node_modules, while a wonderful solution to local package management, is also regarded as a swarming nightmare of files, which create a lot of pressure on disk IO and space.

This can be very problematic for smaller devices running node as is now more popular in IoT.

There are a couple of neat solutions to bundle all of your dependencies in a single js file, like yarn’s PnP proposal explores. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily work for IoT devices with low computing power as parsing such a large JS file would lock everything for a few seconds, or…

We had a project for work at one of my last jobs to create a replica infrastructure in Europe, our main one being in Canada (for legal reasons). During the conversation, there was a question as to whether we would need to replicate everything, or if the European services could leverage some of the Canadian ones.

Of course that would allow us to save a pretty penny on EC2 costs, but what about the end user performance impact of making requests that need to physically travel back and forth the Atlantic Ocean.

I embarked on the (quick) journey to build…

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